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September 30th 2014.Featuring the smooth hit: First Place Feat Unkle E

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BET Awards

No lie, I was pretty excited to hear Remy Ma finally got released! I’m really interested in what her next couple of moves are gonna be as well as what the mixtape/album is gonna sound like. Cuz she definitely going hard for the females right now! But check her 1st real in depth interview on […]

Pay 2 Play/Post/Interview etc.

August 10, 2014 •Sleepy
Pay to play

I don’t know how to really begin this without sound like I’m in my feelings too much. So I’ll just go in. Pay 2 play, pay 2 post or anything related to the 2 is absolutely killing the culture of hip hop. Hip Hop Media outlets, (You know who you are) I found your website […]


    I grew up in the south, where at the time you mostly found old school rides that were in most cases in better condition than the owner’s home. So it was only natural that my 1st ride be a classic ( atleast in my eyes) Had some unforgettable times in that ride dubbed […]


Summer can be a blast as long as you are upfront with what you are looking for. Especially with your expectations of a relationship. People in the past have tried to tell me that I need to settle down and find a good woman. I believe that its not possible to settle down and have […]

Upscale Cognac Muzik

July 13, 2014 •Sleepy

Goes great with your choice of Cognac and a suit! I prefer an all gray suit with the matching Gucci tie and a pair of Stacy Adams along with my lady friend to enjoy my Hennessy with. #Upscale   Grab First Place featuring Unkle E on iTunes by clicking here.